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Dr. Balter's Children's Books
Children's Books
This series of wonderfully illustrated books is meant to help children deal with problems they confront in their everyday lives.  Through the medium of fiction, and with a cast of engaging characters that appear in each of the books, Dr. Balter presents sound psychological information that can be grasped by a young child.  These books are intended to be read by a parent or by a beginning reader.  Each book contains a postscript “About This Book” that contains a special note to parents and provides a context for the particular issue under discussion.

"[A Funeral for Whiskers] is a wonderful children's book for explaining death to young kids, especially the death of a pet. Great illustrations, and very age-appropriate. I highly recommend it, as well as the other books by Dr. Balter in the Stepping Stone Stories series."

Kristin Sinkel  (Southampton, NY)
As cited on Amazon.com

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